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Save time and money with Alpha Salon«
an intelligent and cost-effective investment.

How many salon owners have never had inventory problems, gaps in client follow-up, not enough time to calculate employee commissions? To manage your salon in a healthy responsible manner and to save considerable time and money, the solution is: Alpha Salon®.

Developed by Dectro International over the last years, Alpha Salon® management software was specifically designed to meet the needs of aesthetics, electrolysis, hairdressing, tanning, and massage therapy salons and spas. Furthermore, thanks to its three versions (“Simple”, “Multi” or “Spa”), it is perfectly suited for any type of salon, big or small.

Avant-garde in its design, Alpha Salon® was developed to allow you to contact your clients and suppliers via Internet. It also allows you to quickly access all the information you need to make better business decisions.

Alpha Salon® is not an accounting software; it is a management software that is primarily designed to help you in your day-to-day tasks. It can also supply in an easy and accurate manner all the information an accountant needs to produce annual reports. Furthermore, it helps you keep better track of your clientele by providing all the information you need in a split second. No more paperwork!

Alpha SalonMD Management Software Presentation (3.0 version)
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